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Absolute Communications Group is one of the fastest growing Integrated Communications agencies in the UAE. With offices in Dubai and India, the agency focuses on ensuring a smooth and strategic flow of communication between its clients and their target audience.

At Absolute communications, we strive to provide targeted exposure through quality content and devised media strategies. Our aim is to create an amalgamation of marketing and advertising to generate affective, customized and result oriented PR solutions.
“In today’s world having a strong digital presence is imperative to a company’s success.”
With information being accessed from all avenues,it is critical to add value to that information.
We help formulate the public image of our clients. A company’s key success originates from a strong synergy among its ideals and its representatives. The depth of a company’s reach is directly influenced by its presence in the media. Through PR we work towards building a holistic image that is both reliable and relatable. Harnessing an international brand identity is a goal every enterprise should strive towards. Absolute helps you get there!
With Dubai having established itself as a hub of trading activity, there is a need for customized PR solutions to expand the customer reach. Successful PR coincides a company’s interests with that of its stakeholders. It is important to set short and long term plans that sync a company’s PR strategy with their over all goals.

Public Relations is important to both small and large scale enterprises.

At Absolute, we ensure that your product or service gets the exposure it needs. Understanding the consumer’s response and the company’s propensity supply to does this. Customizing strategy is our forte. We have spent a significant amount of time understanding the media and its various facets. Choosing which is right for you becomes our primary goal. All enterprises need to establish a brand image. One of the main functions of PR is branding. No mater how niche a product or a service may be its target audience needs to be made aware of it’s existence. In most cases consumers look for reliability when choosing to invest in a product, effective PR helps assure consumers of a product’s reliability. Retaining customers can only be done if they feel affiliated to company’s brand. The relationship between customers and clients depends vastly on trust. We work towards cementing that relationship by building a line of proactive communication. Our strategy combines creativity and knowledge to achieve our goals.

Public Relations help ideate public perception and consciousness

The World Assembly of Public Relations Associations defined the field as “The art and social science of analysing trends, predicting their consequences, counselling organizational leaders and implementing planned programs of action, which will serve both the organization and the public interest.”Public relations aren’t just limited to communications. It is often advocating an idea. In today’s world businesses are often gauged on their brand value. A company’s brand value is determined by how well it is perceived. PR helps design this brand.Absolute is a Public Relations powerhouse that garners it’s energy by synthesizing the media and the client. We work within designated budgets to produce high calibre events and create communications campaigns that allow companies in various stages of development. Our primary objective is to raise the bar when it comes to brand image and industry influence. We create a synergy of new and traditional media, innovation methodology, marketing, and communications strategies.