Our Core Team...

Akram Syed
PR Manager,“ Absolute Communications Group

Akram Syed is a B2C PR & Influencer Communications Manager at Absolute Communications Group in Dubai, with extensive experience in developing and executing comprehensive public relations strategies for some of the world's major tech giants. With over 100+ contacts in the media and influencers based across UAE, KSA, Kuwait and Bahrain, Akram has played an essential role in managing all aspects of influencer campaigns - from outreach to contract negotiation and campaign tracking. He has also been responsible for managing tech giants like BenQ Middle East, ViewSonic UAE & KSA, ROG, Asus UAE, Segway Bikes UAE and Toshiba TV UAE. Akram's work has resulted in increased PR presence and visibility for his clients, leading to a higher brand recognition that ultimately drives sales growth.

With his exceptional knowledge of the tech industry and adept communication skills, Akram is a valuable asset in ACG's journey to build its reputation through effective public relations and influencer marketing campaigns.

Throughout his career, Akram has demonstrated a mastery of PR, digital marketing and event planning. His educational background in Mass Communication from Murdoch University Dubai also provided him with a strong foundation to understand the dynamics of media relations and content production. He is highly skilled in developing creative campaigns that build brand visibility and effectively engage target audiences, as well as leveraging relationships with influencers to increase reach and engagement. Akram is dedicated to helping organizations maximize their presence through effective public relations techniques while maintaining high professional standards.

His deep understanding of regional markets along with his creative approach to communications solutions makes him an invaluable asset to any organization. Along with his diverse skillset and strategic thinking ability, Akram is passionate about helping brands realize their fullest potential in the market, and his enthusiasm and commitment makes him an ideal partner for any business looking to build a successful PR & Influencer strategy. Akram’s expertise has been utilized by some of the most influential tech companies around the world, from startups to global giants. His experience spans a wide variety of industries, making him a well-rounded professional who is capable of handling challenging tasks with ease and efficiency. As a seasoned PR professional, Akram is adept at crisis management, media relations, event planning, social media engagement and much more.