Trade Communications

Public Relations helps create effective channels of communication throughout the organisation. This means ensuring the right information is accessible to the public, present and prospective consumers, employees, partners, and investors. The purpose of this channel is to ensure that these stakeholders maintain a favourable perception of the company.


Public Relations often takes on an advocacy role. At Absolute, we help you create communication strategies and reinforce ayour company’s vision and strategy to all those involved with it.


One of the most important roles of trade communications is financial relations. Financial Relations involve effectively communicating information financial analysts, stakeholders and potential and present investors.


A company’s capital is vastly dependent on its investors. Having a strong investment strategy can increase a company’s stock, thereby increasing additional capital. Sometimes an established brand may face difficulties in terms of adverse or negative publicity, which can lead to unfavourable perceptions. This can deter a company’s reputation and lead to indifference from the investors.

In such cases it is important to rectify immediately. This can be done by organising events like annual reports and stockholder meetings. Meetings can be held quarterly to reflect on tracking progress over shorter periods of time. Some companies change locations of their stockholder meetings to expand their reach to all stakeholders. All the information discussed at these events can be communicated through newsletters, company magazines and mailers.


Trade communications also encompasses notifications to brokers and custodians, instructions regarding settlements, and processing of affirmations and confirmations.


Creating multiple channels to ensure that all this information is distributed smoothly is what we do at Absolute. Our team combines creativity and practicality to enable inter and intra organisational communication. We specialise in:


  • Corporate profiling
  • Leadership processing
  • Training materials
  • Content drafting
  • Trend research


We pride ourselves in being an all inclusive communications unit. Hence we produce solutions(link to absolute alive) to enable trade communications by organising an array of events. We consult on organising events like partner meets, conferences, workshops, roadshows and award ceremonies. These events create an environment for relaxed innovation and collaboration.