Search Engine Optimization

SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization is, simply put, attracting traffic from the search results on various search engines. These search results are free or organic as opposed to paid searches (ads). SEO basically attempts to improve your ranking on various search engines.


So, what exactly do search engines consider while increasing your rank?

In a nutshell, search engines place those search results first which appear to be more relevant than the others in terms of the information they have to offer. More importantly, search engines rank authoritative pages higher than other. Authority of a page is nothing but the number and quality of links that other web pages use to link to the said page.


So, what can one do to create authoritative and relevant pages?

Nothing works better than quality content. Creating content that is useful and relevant for readers ensures that it is shared on various platforms, thus increasing its “authority”. Search engines eventually recognize this and promotes these pages higher up their rankings. The more interesting and relevant you make your pages, the better they will rank.

How we help you with SEO?

We are a digital agency with expertise in SEO and we help you determine exactly what it is that people who are interested in your products and services search for. As experts in this area, we have access to databases that store information like commonly searched terms and trending phrases. The use of these will increase your webpages’ ability to attract traffic and eventually move up the rankings of search engines.

The mere knowledge of the right keywords is not enough. It all comes down to their correct placement in content that is both relevant and interesting because what’s even more important than keywords is the number and quality of the links that other websites use to link to yours. This makes search engines consider your page(s) to be of importance not just from your point of view, but from that of other websites as well.

As a team of SEO professionals in Dubai, we help you use words that people actually search for, place them strategically on important parts of your webpages and help you get links across platforms to improve your ranking on search engines.