Search Engine Marketing

In simple words, Search Engine Marketing refers to marketing your business online, on search engines to be specific. The practice of marketing one’s business online using paid advertisements of various kinds that appear on search engine result pages i.e. SERPs is called SEM.


There are a variety of pay-per-click ads, from simple small text-based ads to more visible PLAs (product listing ads) which usually have a visual of sorts for the purpose of attracting shoppers.


Why should you invest in SEM at all?

The biggest edge that search engine marketing has over offline advertising is its ability to be customized. Online, customers see exactly what they’re looking for and often at the very moment when they are willing to make the purchase, which no other kind (or platform) of advertising offers.

So, if you want to sell your products and/or services online which is where a large section of your potential customers is then investing in SEM is one of the smartest and fastest ways to reach your current as well as future buyers.

Keywords are an integral part of SEM

Figuring out the most accurate and relevant keywords pertaining to your business is the first step. Deciding how to use these as a part of your search engine marketing campaign is the next step. For your SEM to work effectively, you need to have a solid keyword management strategy.


Simply identifying your strongest keywords is not enough for a successful SEM campaign. You need to focus on your keyword grouping and ensure that it is logical. Moreover, you need an account structure that makes sense. Getting this right means higher CTRs (click through rates) and lower CPCs (costs per click).