Product Launch

A product launch is the grand unveiling of the newly launched product of a company. Today, product launches have turned into events, and that is exactly what we at the Absolute Group specialise in. Our marketing team coordinates with the client’s product team to understand the product which helps us in strategizing the launch.

Product Launch Marketing Plan at Absolute Alive

Our product launch marketing plan incorporates the following components:


  1. Identify the target audience: It is important to identify your target audience and to know why they are interested in your product. With the help of demographic information including interests and motivators, we create segment your audience to arrive the target audience for your product.
  2. Unique selling point: We analyse what makes the client’s product distinct from the other products in the market. Highlighting and communicating the USP is our priority concern for the launch.
  3. Training spokesperson: We also train spokespersons from the client’s organization who have extensive experience with the product and help them in communicating the details of the product at the launch.

Our team will ensure that your product launch is the fitting end of the diligence put in by the organisation to create a new offering for the market. We plan the event on an appropriate scale and showcase your product in a unique style.

Product Launch Marketing Plan at Absolute Alive

To make your product launch successful, we follow the below-mentioned strategies:


  • Start Early: One of the best strategies of a successful product launch campaign is to start promoting the product a few months before the launch. We encourage our clients to hire bloggers, influencers, experts who will start writing or reviewing the client’s product even before its launch. An early start helps to spread the word about your product leading to high sales when the product is launchedA positive brand image helps your business grow. A sustainable brand worth is important for any business. The prime purpose of such events is to track how stakeholders respond to your presence. This feedback helps you plan for the future.


  • Make products available to influencer: Influencer marketing is gaining popularity as an effective marketing tool, we make sure your products are available to the influencers in the industry who will spread the word to their audience. After the influencer uses your product, they will post a review regarding the same which will gain both credibility and popularity for your product.


  • Easy for people to learn: With the help of videos, free trials, product demos, try to educate people about your product. Aside from increasing familiarity, it also serves as an effective marketing tool. When people learn about a new product, they automatically spread the word about it.


  • Add elements: Our team will also incorporate elements to the product launch and increase customer engagement.