Product Communications

You have a product, we have the story.


A product is the result of years of research, development and diligence but without the right launchpad, it cannot possibly soar very high. We know exactly how to engage your target audience as you look to introduce or re-introduce your products and services. With the right combination of experience and creativity, we will help you build the story around the product for better positioning and awareness. Every product starts with an idea and that idea germinates out of a vision. We work to present not only the product but also its underlying story that makes it unique.


To be known, you have to be seen and seen right. Seems simple enough yet so many brands get this fundamental principle wrong. With Absolute, you can be sure that you will never go wrong with product placement. Our stories are created keeping the trinity in mind- product, story, audience. We aim to not only humanise the product but also build a relationship with the consumer with our approach.

The definition of the media is fast evolving and journalists are not the only media group with access to a wide a readership. Bloggers, influencers are fast emerging as tough contenders to the traditional media channels and are extremely effective in reaching out to the millennial generation. With our wide network of bloggers and major influencers, we ensure that the right audience is aware of your product through product features, reviews and other product related stories.


Our team is dedicated to communicating not only the obvious but also the inherent with your product and creates customised stories to best suit the client’s objective. By breaking down the product into its whys and hows, we are able to create a story that resonates with the target audience and ensures effective engagement.