Savant Data System

Client Name: Sàvant Data System

Sàvant Data System (SDS) is a leading business intelligence and solutions provider for retail businesses, ranging from malls and banks to museums and casinos. Since 2000, SDS has delivered actionable business intelligence solutions for retailing industries that fuel strategic growth. Many industry verticals, including retail stores, supermarkets, malls, airports & duty free, public transportation, civic institutions such as libraries and museums, as well as banks and casinos, have benefitted from bespoke solutions.

  • Leadership

Challenges/Brief: Sàvant Data System wanted to reach out to every Retail, IT, Banks, Transport industry to educate and provide their services that helped the business to grow with calculative measures.

Solution/Approach: PR and content approach strategy was developed to reach maximum target audience to inform them on the current trends as well as trends that are to follow. The articles were developed in such a way that proved to be informative to various industry personnel.

Results: The PR and content approach resulted in building a brand identity for the firm. Spokesperson was positioned as a leader in their respective industry in the UAE