Client Name : Mughal e Azam

Mughal-e-Azam is a fine dining restaurant that serves a wide range of regal and authentic Mughlai cuisine situated at Discovery Garden, Dubai. The restaurant recreates the dishes which trace their origins back almost two centuries ago to royal kitchens. They opened it’s doors early 2018, as the whiff of exquisitely cooked food filled the city of Dubai. Mughal e Azam brings to its menu a perfect balance of an authentic taste, flavour, texture and preparation. Precariously balanced herbs and spices make each dish a culinary delight and takes you back to the Royal Mughal courts where the dishes were first conceived. With its preparations and careful selection of ingredients, the restaurant also pays homage to the origin of its dishes.

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Challenges/Brief: The restaurant was recently launched in Dubai and situated in a community-centric location. They are looking to create a brand awareness and help grow the brand over the coming year.

Solution/Approach: We provide a 360-degree communications strategy for the brand. We began with defining and suggesting the brand positioning not only through the messaging but also through visually. The PR approach revolves around using a blend of media relations and blogger relations ensuring a balance of digital and print media. The social media strategy works on creating a brand awareness through creative stories across targeted social platforms.

Results: The communication approach brings focus to Mughal e Azam highlighting the restaurant and its authenticity.