Gehna Boutique

Gehna Jewellery Boutique showcases exclusive 22K gold with polki diamonds and precious stones in Jadau, with kundan setting.
All products are manufactured in Jaipur in superior quality craftsmanship and is exclusive to our store. Gehna Bespoke is our brand for customised diamond jewellery, incorporating design and wearability to suit individual’s preference and budget.
Their ambition is position Gehna as an international brand which is just for the Asian audience but for modern women of today no matter which part of the world they come from.

  • Diwalishenanigans
  • Festival Greetings
  • Megan Pormer - Face Of Gehna
  • Queens of India

When it comes to digital engagements, we at Absolute believe in humanizing the brand.

During Diwali, keeping in mind the objectives of the brand to appeal to the modern woman of today and its roots as an ethnic brand, we created Diwali Shenanigans.

Involving teenage girls who are daughters of their existing and prospective clients where we asked them, what inspires them.

What a wonderful brand engagement!

When it is time to celebrate, we ensure that the digital world is inspired by it. Here are some of the festivals visuals that Absolute Digital curated for Gehna.

As a young aspiring brand, Gehna has a vision to appeal to western audience as much as it caters to Asian women. With that vision in mind, Gehna signed Megan Pormer as its brand ambassador and a new “Face of Gehna”

Megan is a Hollywood celebrity, a successful model, TV star and a fashion enthusiast. @meganpormer

With this campaign we intended to tell a story!

A story on how far the modern woman of today has come but most importantly, how many lessons are to be learnt from some the most inspiring women who ruled India or were on top of the political ladder and used their power to make an impact on people’s lives.

The emotional connect to find inspiration from the creased pages of time and reflect on where the Gehna as a brand takes its inspirations from.