News Management

News Management in Public Relations refers to ensuring favourable news coverage and tracking present media trends to establish a company’s brand. The practice started in the 1950’s. News Management involves developing communications objectives that are custom made to suit a company’s needs. These objectives are consistent with a company’s goals. These goals could be financial growth or brand expansion. For most companies growth refers to an amalgamation of both quality and quantity.


A lot of companies look towards branding to increase their customer reach and retain existing customers. A company’s brand is seen as a mark of its credibility. The public depends on institutions like the media to advocate the credibility of companies whose goods and services use. The media holds a certain authority over the distribution of information.


Coverage in the News is different from advertising in many ways. Advertising is a paid means to get coverage where as PR focuses on creating content that is news worthy and relevant to provide information. Public Relations focuses on developing strategies that focuses on a prolonged process of relationship management.

At Absolute we understand that there are different channels for communication. Our experience allows us to understand which medium is right for you. We create news- worthy content that generatesa positive response from stakeholders.

The idea behind most PR strategies is reputation management. This could refer to a company’s long term reputation or short tem publicity handling. As a company, we cater to both these needs by developing channels within the media that are reliable and balanced. These channels have been built by nurturing a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. Hence, the chain of credibility begins with us.


The News agencies are a central social institution that is known to be impartial and objective. Targeted news coverage in the right form through the right agent leads to an informed exchange of information. This is done through the process of amplifying the information, monitoring coverage, measuring the impact of the coverage and how this coverage influences trends in the market.


Maximising the reach of information helps the consumer be aware of your company and the brand you represent.


We also focus on coverage tracking. By agile monitoring of what the media says about a company, their product and services, at Absolute, we are able understand social patterns and devise strategies that help your company maintain and establish their brand in the best light. A company or enterprise needs to know how the public perceives it in order to alter or uphold that image.


Coverage tracking influences both the company’s performance and impacts social trends. These trends play a role in shaping the market and society at large.Analysing the data gathered from pre existing coverage helps regulate how the company’s present performance can be optimized. Hence knowing which media agent suits which client becomes imperative. Our team’s experienced media intelligence helps you amplify your success. We believe in managing perceptions to drive performance.