Media Relations

At Absolute, we focus on building and maintaining a positive public image for your brand. We take into consideration how the public perceives the company. Our strategies thus helps you understand the consumer behavior.


Media relations are an extension of Public relations. The sole aim is to communicate the company’s message or information via various media outlets. We make customised blueprints of what your company hopes to accomplish at various levels. These work as business plans to create a positive perception.


This requires strong relationship with journalists and media professionals who will hear what the company has to say providing it an access to the public.

At Absolute, we use two approaches to generate news-worthy content; one, proactive and the other reactive. The first approach, manages relationships with both traditional publications and television channels by creating news. The second, is more dependent on press releases issued when the reporters are developing stories.


The third medium is the social media but there it also becomes necessary to monitor the trending topics. Social media too is a part of the proactive approach.


All these approaches serve one goal i.e. making people aware of your business and making them think about it in a certain way as per the requirements of your business.

Media Relations at Absolute will focus on harnessing attention from various mediums to generate recognition and maintain reputation in the industry.

Apart from reinforcing a positive image, we also work towards dissipating any negative coverage that the company or its products might have attracted during a crisis. This would also aid your business in garnering credibility across various markets assisting the company in securing sponsors.


The media coverage lets you engage with different stakeholders be it existing customers, potential clients, or any possible investors. This boost in credibility can make your organization an attractive prospect.


For smaller businesses we identify the media outlet where the company’s ideal customers gather. Being featured in publications that your targeted customers read, watch or listen to builds more confidence in your products. Not only does this coverage create awareness of your brand, it would also convey aspects of your business that you can’t always convey as easily.


Another way to think about it is in comparison with an advertisement. Any information of your business becomes more credible when someone else talks about it rather than you talking about your business.


However one other aspect of positive media coverage that helps your business grow is leveraging the attention you received to strengthen its effects. This oft forgotten aspect can be used to attract more to the pre-existing customer base. As the information of the media coverage is spread to your existing customers, it acts as positive reinforcement thus making them spread the word about your brand.