Internal Communication

While most communications strategies focus on external exchange of information, we at absolute provide solutions to augment effective internal communications as well. Internal communications goes beyond data collection and feedback. It promotes a free flow of information between the various departments within a company. A free-flow of information is necessary for the employees to engage and be aware of organizational activities and management decisions that affect them and their job. A workforce that is engaged in working towards their goals invariably feels valued, involved and cared for.


Our Internal communications plan is an important means to plan meetings and strategies, handle corporate affairs and all ‘behind the scene’ issues.

We understand that the rise of social media has made communication a global obsession. Your employees are writing, tweeting, discussing, and texting openly about the things you could be doing better or differently. All this is somewhere creating a whole lot of buzz, affecting the public perception of your company. As a member of our Absolute family we care about this perception. We help formulate a strategy for promoting internal communications that endorses a  discipline whereby employees and colleagues share and discuss information.

Internal communication is like a map, an outline of your organization’s journey and a big picture of what you want to achieve. Therefore, the strategy should be research based with the employees in its centre and should be easily comprehensible. We understand that effective communication is when a message is delivered through ‘appropriate’ modes and tailored to the audience.


We ensure that your business strategy and objectives align with your communications plan.


In a business there are several communications channels that can be employed to relay information. With technological advancements we see the following as the most effective means of communication:


  • E-mails: Quickest and most efficient way to exchange information.
  • Corporate Intranet: The organisation’s memory bank. It’s the best way to access and regulate all information on the company.
  • Company Newsletters: The most engaging way to impart education by maintaining a balance of content.
  • Advocacy Platforms: These platforms provide a platform for your employees to endorse your brand in a social space.
  • Meetings and conferences: The oldest and most personal means of communication.


At Absolute we understand that these platforms can be hard to navigate. Each of them requires it’s own language and content strategy. We formulate our strategies by:

Helping you define your objectives, your target audience and your “statement.

Helping you identify which channels of communication you need to employ.

Assessing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

At Absolute, we can partner with the communicators to solve both tactical and strategic communication challenges.


We know that sending too much information, mails or messages to your employees will make them ignore most of the things. We understand the importance of selecting strategically categorized target groups, and we understand how to make your intentions clear to your employees.


At Absolute, you will witness a whole strategically planned network of internal communication to grow your business and create an effective environment of free flowing information.