Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing focuses on using individuals to market a brand to a larger customer base. These influencers spread the word about your brand to the target audience through their social media channels. It is a recent trend that has picked up with the rising power of social media platforms. Influencer marketing is a type of marketing which uses key individuals with a dedicated audience to spread the word about any brand or company. People see them as authentic and genuine sources of information. This form of marketing is becoming quite famous among small and medium scale companies. Instead of focusing on high paying advertisements, organizations choose to hire influencers who can spread the word about their products.

How do we create a successful marketing campaign for you?

Our team follows a detailed strategy to prepare the influencer marketing campaign for you:


  • Set Up Your Goals: Before we set up an influencer marketing campaign for you, our team points out the key indicators that have to be monitored:
    1. Audience reach
    2. Budget
    3. Impressions and views
    4. Engagement
    5. Clicks
    6. Sales


  • Social Media Channel Selection: Since different social media platforms are used for targeting the audience of different demographics, the defined goal will explain which social media channel has to be used. Selecting the right platform also depends on the products or service for which marketing has to be done. If your business is explained best by photographs, Instagram is the right platform to market your products. If words best describe your business, Facebook and Twitter are the best options for marketing.


  • Identify The Influencer:
    Before selecting an influencer for any brand, we will shortlist the influencers in the specific field and share the names with the client. The client can, then, select the influencer according to their company’s brand image. Micro influencers are good for the long-term marketing campaign of any specific brand and are particularly beneficial for start-ups.


  • Choose The Influencer: The voice of the selected influencer should be such that the brand feels genuine to the people. Hence, we select influencers who already post about products similar to your brand.We also see their previous past experiences with their audience.
    The influencer marketing campaign prepared by our team takes care of the social media and content marketing aspects to provide the best results.
Edge with Absolute Communications Influencer Marketing Services

At Absolute, our team reviews the content thoroughly before publishing it to ensure all the content is as per the requirement and advertising guidelines. After the posts are published by the influencer, we promote the posts extensively across all channels. Lastly, the result of the influencer marketing campaign is quantified by our team.

Get in touch with our team to discuss the complete details about designing influencer marketing campaigns for your brand.