Exhibitions are a great marketing tool. They are organized by companies in a particular industry to exhibit their products and services. They are also a platform to meet with industry partners and stakeholders, study the competition, and examine recent market trends. Thus, these events can help in scoping out new opportunities. Exhibitions can be open to all or only to the stakeholders depending on the nature of the exhibition. An invitation to the press can help in ensuring a wider exposure.


With technological advancements, exhibits can be made available to a wider audience using digital media. They are held throughout the year across industries and attract participants from around the world. Some Exhibitions have gained immense popularity with people blocking their calendars to be a part of it. With the sheer number of exhibitions taking place, there is a need for these to be marketed excessively for it to be a success.

Most exhibitions are highly anticipated events during the business year. They are pre-designed and organized on a large scale, with a sizeable amount of money being kept aside for it. An exhibition requires a considerable marketing investment from its organisers. The average cost of investment includes space rental, booth designing, construction of displays, telecommunications and networking, travel, accommodations, and promotional literature and items to be given to the attendees. There are additional expenses that are incurred at the show for services such as electricity, booth cleaning, internet services, and material handling (drayage). Companies across the world look at exhibitions as a means of economic development and aim to make it a success by increased participation. Virtual exhibitions and trade shows are also cropping up across various industries. Their popularity is increasing immensely as the cost of operations here is much lower. They are also easily accessed from multiple locations.

Ensuring that your exhibit stands out will provide more traffic. This requires a strong sense of design and aesthetics. Offering branded merchandise also helps you stay with your consumer even after the exhibition has ended. In addition to this, most market research is also done at exhibitions. When stakeholders interact with the product or the service, their response is genuine. This reaction can be recorded to modify or repackage a product to make it more appealing.

Our team begins with a preliminary search of the exhibitions that we think are beneficial for your brand and product. After deliberation with the client, we shortlist the exhibitions and begin the process of booking a space. Our design team will help you design your booth or space to attract maximum attention and communicate your brand and product to the visitors. With increased visibility at such events, it is very important to ensure that the optics are done right. Our team also ensures that all printed collaterals at the event and the representatives of the company present at the exhibition are both in line with the company branding. Depending on the product and nature of the exhibition, we also help our client come up with unique marketing techniques to garner more attention at the exhibition itself. Get in touch with our team to know more about what we can do for you.