CRULE – Consult, Research, Understand, Learn, Execute – is the process is that defines our DNA of operations which are based on a straightforward and effective 4-step process. Our process is – Consultative approach, Research-based Strategy, Understanding, not just the client’s needs but their products, services and their customers and operations, Learning from each engagement with the customer and investing in training the team for the requirements, then Execution. CRULE is based on a simple thought process which involves 80% thinking time and 20% execution time. Once we have done CRUL, E(Execution) becomes easy and effective.


We at Absolute believe that it is essential to understand the requirements of the clients in the way that they visualize them. Our ability to interpret our client’s imagination allows us meet their expectations. This is the reason why we invest ourselves so much in consulting with the client, researching thoroughly about the space they operate in, understanding their past, current, and future strategies so that we can incorporate seamlessly into whichever service we provide them with, and in learning about their visions and ideas in such a way that we make their imaginations and expectations turn into reality. As a result, this makes execution quite simplified for us, and we can meet and sometimes even exceed the clients’ expectations.

CRULE is all about being one with the client in terms of thinking. When we are on the same page as the customer, it is easier for the customer as well as us. We believe in clear and flexible communication with our clients to execute their vision effectively.


This method of operations helps us break every task into much smaller, simpler tasks that we are then able to perform with a reduced scope of error. This method also saves us precious time, and we are able to deliver solutions on or before time.


CRULE, therefore, is our most basic way of working that we abide by in everything we do. CRULE helps us to service our clients better. It helps us grow faster.