The greatest tool for devising a communications strategy is content. A strong content strategy arises from developing unique and customized content. Content serves as a timeline to track how much work has been undertaken and how much needs to be done.


At Absolute, we understand that customised content doesn’t just refer to 50 pages that takes months to create. It can be simple and concise. The aim is to convey as much information using various easy to access means.


We work on:
  • Info graphics
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Press Releases
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Whitepapers

All of these are unique mechanisms that convey information or garner feedback. Our content strategies formulate the information and customize it based on where the information is going and how it will be used.


Our content strategy in simple terms is a documented plan that identifies the content that has been created, keeping in mind the target audience and the medium of publishing.

At Absolute, we firmly believe in providing a strong and efficient content. We factor the following in making a content plan:

  • Target Audience: Who is the information intended for? When creating content it is important to keep in mind who is consuming the information. This helps narrow done the tone in which the information has to be relayed. It is also necessary to keep in mind how the consumer will process the information.


  • Medium: The medium through which content is marketed varies. While creating content it’s important to pay heed to which platform is being used to showcase the content. The content created for a blog will be vastly different from the content created for a press release. This understanding comes with market research and feedback, which are both part of a content strategy.


  • Goals oriented approach: Every Company needs clarity in terms of direction. This clarity comes by setting both short term and long term goals and tracking the progress it makes through time. Content tracking is a way of measuring progress.

We align the client’s vision and ideas with content that we create and curate for them. From social media campaigns to press releases, we devise content strategies for our clients that perfectly bridge the gap between them and the audience they wish to target. Skilfully crafted blog posts, by-lined articles, videos, images, and more can help the organization attract, engage, and inform those all-important audiences.


We at Absolute are not hesitant in making changes in our content strategy. Our flexibility is our forte. Our main goal is to help you achieve yours through custom made strategies that created after understanding what exactly your needs are. For companies new to content marketing, we sometimes start small, with a first step as simple as the use of PR placements in a direct-marketing campaign. An executive speech can be adapted into a blog post or series, and a by-lined article can become a slide share presentation, for example.


A comprehensive content marketing program is informed by both business goals and the needs of prospective customers.


Our process typically begins by helping clients think through their goals, resources, and internal capabilities. Then we study the people we want to reach, not just as customers or prospects, but also as individuals with specific needs, problems, influences, and reactions to their environment. The final step is the development of an on-going plan to create the most relevant and shareable material and maximize its use by customers and prospects.