Brand Activations

Introducing a new product or a service into the market is an exciting process. When a product is launched, its identity is defined by the brand it is associated with. We live in an era of experiential marketing and have moved on from using advertising as the only medium to communicate the essence of a brand.


Customized Brand Activation events are the perfect platforms for the customers to engage with a brand. It is important to have hands-on experience and interaction with the product directly to give brand activation events a distinct importance. The feeling of experiencing the product live stays with the customer long after the event is over and can be the deciding factor in the product’s initial success.


Close collaboration and a thorough understanding of our customers have helped us to identify several benefits of brand activation events. At such forums, the consumer directly interacts with the product. This encourages an immediate exchange of feedback on how to modify a product to suit a consumer’s needs.

You have direct interface with the consumer; he can analyze a product and pronounce his verdict then and there. Brand activation events can also help revive an old brand if marketed correctly to the right audience. This can also lead to an expansion of a company’s target audience. Media coverage of events restores faith in a company’s brands. Ensuring that this coverage has a wide reach will help those unable to attend the event in feeling that they are a part of it. Brand Activation events help a company stay prominent and noticeable. Coverage tracking of these events can be used as testimonials and marketing tools for future events. A well-planned brand activation event should not be underestimated. These events play a major role in shaping how a brand is perceived. It helps a brand stay accessible and relevant.

At Absolute, we intend to provide these brand activations in the form of interactive events that touch the very core of the product’s target audience.

Brand activation events do not focus on ground sales. They work towards the bigger picture of establishing a reputation. They are a means to create awareness regarding the whole brand and not just a stand-alone product. The more a company’s brand is visible, the more its credibility in the market increases. These events focus on engagement and interaction to augment sustainable relationships among all stakeholders and consumers.