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Why you should listen to the GenZ

Why you should listen to the GenZ Our markets are changing at the speed of light, with new demographics and innovations disrupting the continuum. The Generation Z is a prime example of the untapped potential of the market. The generation, famously associated with angst and questionable fashion choices, has become an important demographic in itself.

Eid and its cultural influence on social media and public relations

Eid and its cultural influence on social media and public relations To say that public relations have changed would be a gross understatement, no word in the English language comes close to the metamorphosis of its functions. The way we communicate, our mediums, our audiences, and our message have evolved from its humble function of

Leadership styles decoded

Leadership styles decoded Leaders are famous without titles, they could be the Founder of the company to the floor manager in the factory. An essential part of the organization, they come at all levels of the management hierarchy. A leadership style is a uniquely personal choice that stems from the individual’s characteristics and often sets

Who do you communicate with?

Who do you communicate with? A fundamental concept that emerged as early as 1949 in communication was the Shanon and Weaver model. It stipulated that a communication model had only three components- sender, channel, and receiver. Since then, many theorists have come up with models with their own flow. The most popular communication flow has

Humanizing the Brand

Does your brand pass the Jung and Myer test? There was a time when brands were aspirational and were marketed with the product as the central focus. However, as we move towards an information-rich market, brands are trying to create a more intimate relationship with its target audience. They are looking for ways to engage

Using data to create brands

Using data to create brands   Data has come a long way from being humble servants of quantitative information and numeric predictions. It will not be wrong to say that the science has swiftly turned into an art with major firms looking to employ its various facets into their marketing strategies. Analytics, big data are

Visual storytelling: A game changer for brands

Visual storytelling: A game changer for brands   At the turn of every generation, we see the marketing framework undergo an upheaval. The paradigm change often follows from technological and social changes that affect the market. The relationship between a brand and its audience has seen many changes over the past decade. The technological changes

Social media and PR: friends or foes?

Social media and PR: friends or foes?   Social media and PR are yet to completely define their equation and the view from both camps do not point to an easy solution. On the one hand, many see it as complementing channels that aid one another in reaching out to the masses. On the other

Using CSR to improve brand image

Using CSR to improve brand image   There was a time when Say’s Law would have us believe that you only needed to produce to sell. Then, as times changed, we realized that to sell, a promotion was necessary to the marketing mix. With the information and choice-rich consumers of today, firms are fast realizing

Superfans and influencers, new kids on the block.

Superfans and influencers, new kids on the block.   We are in an age where being a celebrity is an occupation in itself with technological tools proving to be viable platforms for people to amass a substantial audience. Whether you are a three-year-old fashion star or a seasoned artist, everyone is using social media platforms

Storyframes before wireframes

Storyframes before wireframes   What if you started your designs in the text editor? A well-crafted interface is like reading a great story. As designers, why are we not incorporating screenwriting techniques more often into our process?   As designers, our minds are wired to be creative and we have a distinct way of approaching our

Getting to know the internet hater culture

Getting to know the internet hater culture   You may have heard of a particular group of people who take to the now 280-word format to berate a brand, person or event. Interestingly, they are called trolls which is ironic as trolls were cave-dwelling creatures who were very happy minding their own business. But, these

Strategic Communications

STRATEGIES ARE A GAME-CHANGER IN COMMUNICATIONS   Sun Tzu would have made very successful communication professional, but the war ground held more allure for him. He famously said that tactics without strategy are the noise before the defeat. A statement that every communications expert knows to be an unfailing truth. They are the ultimate kingmakers

Content is King

Public relations has always been about the strategic use of communication and with its modes, purposes and audience constantly evolving, the role of PR is also simultaneously changing to include more elements. The content is the mainframe of a PR campaign as it contains the essential message, information to be communicated by the firm to

Should we call time of death on the traditional release?

There is no doubt that the way we get our news has changed, with push notifications for breaking news to e-papers for your daily dose of current affairs. The way the media gets its news has also changed and in this dynamic environment of shorter, crisper stories, hanging by the tenterhooks is the faithful press

The importance of reputation management

The digital age has been an age of disruption, of unlearning and of constant evolution. The boundaries between professions are blurring as we become more connected and intertwined. The effect is the most pronounced in the PR world. Already unrestricted by a clear definition, the PR professionals are taking on more varied roles as they

Fake News

Fake news, a menace for the PR world. Everyone has an opinion on the media, from Noam Chomsky to your local tea vendor. Entertaining and informing us, the media and the way it conducts its news has often been under the scanner. From misrepresentation of facts to outright slander, it has been accused of many