Blogger Relations

Blogs have emerged as dominant sources of information for buyers and users and can be used to establish a relationship with your customer base. Using blogs to promote a product or service essentially is a form of influencer marketing where we leverage the existing audience of the blogger to introduce our product. In the age of digital disruption, celebrity bloggers often exert more influence than other channels of communication.


We ensure that the blogger we choose fulfils the three basic criterias- relevance, passion and credibility. It is not enough to match the blogger to the product but it must be a perfect fit for what the company and its product stands for. In a nutshell, one must echo the other in values, quality and tone. The right blogger can translate into greater engagement and awareness with your audience as they are seen as independent and impartial entities. In addition to that, their readers are loyal followers who are more likely to believe the blog over official communication. Celebrity bloggers already know the pulse of their audience and hence create content guaranteed to give your product a wide viewership.

By connecting brands and bloggers on the same wavelength, we establish the client and its brand firmly in the digital savvy generation. Most readers form a personal bond with the blog and by leveraging that, we target the end-user more effectively. It is also seen as a sign of confidence by the public as you are willing to let the product into the public space for review. Most blogs cater to a specific niche and by matching the product to their segment, we can tap the intended audience for the product leading to enhanced brand awareness. As most readers form a bond with the blog, we can also sway the relationship in favour of the product thus forming an association with the audience.