Annual Galas

Absolute Alive offers a complete solution for your award ceremonies and galas. Your award ceremony will be an evening of entertainment and fun. We plan it keeping the audience in mind and have always been successful in creating a magical night, one that is not forgotten easily. We arrange for the evening’s entertainment by hiring a variety of acts from local bands, musicians, dance groups, etc. to make the gala night special.


Award ceremonies are a great way to acknowledge the hard work and contribution of your employees. In recent times, award ceremonies have become a popular culture in organizations all across the world to motivate and recognise talent within the organisation. We understand that the people are the backbone of any organisation. Your award show celebrates not only your entity but also the people who have worked tirelessly to make you a success. An award ceremony is beneficial for your organization in many ways. The ceremony leads to brand awareness, contact with influencers, and gives you an opportunity to socialize with the people of your industry. The successful stories of the award events are shared through the various media sources which leads to good brand recognition.

Our team can also help in preparing the speeches for the key speakers at the award function. We have conducted many successful award ceremonies and achieved successful results for our clients. We offer a complete solution for your award functions and gala events including the entertainment, food and drinks, marketing, logistics, and decoration requirements for your event. Get in touch with our event management team to discuss the complete details.

How do we Plan Award Functions at Absolute Alive?

Our event management team coordinates closely with the client to understand their requirements. Our team closely looks at every detail to achieve the desired outcome for your award function. We encourage our clients to be a part of every step of the planning process so that no detail is left out.

    • Budget

The budget is the important aspect of the ceremony. There is a detailed discussion regarding the budget with the client which helps us in planning the ceremony and managing the expenses.

    • People

We encourage our clients to hire a Master of Ceremonies (MC) to host the award ceremonies as they are experienced in interacting with the crowd and keep the crowd engaged. A panel of judges may also be present at some award ceremonies. It is not uncommon to have a Guest of Honor to preside over the felicitations as well.

    • Location & Venue

Our team will help you select the right location for your event keeping in mind the scale, attendees as well as the venue’s accessibility. Most venues are booked months in advance, while some are highly coveted and are available to only select entities. We will help you navigate the hurdles to get the perfect venue for your event.

    • Sponsorship

Most clients look for sponsorships for their ceremonies. Our team will handle all the sponsor’s advertising needs at the event.

The event management team at Absolute Alive believes in:

  1. Constant coordination with the client
  2. Delivering the best results
  3. Working within the deadline
  4. Managing the event with perfection
  5. Offering innovative ideas to improve the event