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Wedding season is around the corner, and even though work and personal lives are best kept far from each other, there are certain parallels that can be drawn between the two worlds. Analogies from the world of romance and dating can actually do wonders to improve your relationships with your customers. Think about it, and you’ll see how attracting a potential customer is much like wooing a prospective date. You need to work hard to get noticed and eventually, a positive response. That’s the romancing part that you need to work around smartly in order to stand out and appear interesting to your potential client. There is really no other way to put this – special efforts must be made to woo your customers. Don’t hesitate in going the extra mile and being persistent, like potential partners, customers, too love being showered with importance and attention. Build a strategy to make a sale and put every effort you can to see it through, exactly like you would while trying to woo someone and win them over.
Now that you have the customer’s attention and have impressed them well enough for them to try you out by working on a particular project or assignment, the courtship period begins. The courtship period in a relationship is marked by showering of gifts and more pampering. Courting your customers isn’t very different either, except that pampering translates into better and pleasing conduct towards them. Remember, the best gifts you can give you clients are making good on your deliverables in a manner that far exceeds their expectations. That’s the only way to satisfy your client, and there are no shortcuts to it. Everything other than what is required of you becomes secondary to them eventually.
The key to satisfying a customer into signing a long-term contract with you is to work hard to delight them and keep doing that. Like most people would agree, no matter how exciting a new relationship is, the joy of stability and deeper substance comes from a long-term one – the same is the case with your customers too. If you keep chasing new customers all the time without caring much about the clients you’ve already acquired, you’ll end up losing them and find yourself in a cycle of short-term customer relationships that will not just be way more taxing, but way less profitable too. It is much more comfortable and cost-efficient to maintain an existing customer. Remember, they are the ones your business growth depends on at the end of the day.
Spend more time nurturing and building the customer relationships you get into, and you’ll find the fruits of your labour to be delightfully sweet 🙂

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