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First impressions are crucial – they are usually the deal makers or the deal-breakers. Making a lasting impression comes from the simplest of ways in which you present yourself in front of the other part for the first time. You

As leaders, it’s hard to make a clear choice between your customers and your employees, but what modern leaders need to understand is that it doesn’t really have to be a choice. While it is true that the idea of

Meetings are never the most looked-forward-to activities, but that doesn’t mean you’ve to add to the reason why people don’t like them. Especially now when virtual meetings have taken centre stage during this pandemic. As a leader or a supervisor,

“I’ll do it in a bit” is probably the tiniest and most unnoticeable form of procrastination that plagues the best of us on many days. While pushing doing something small by a few minutes may seem harmless, one needs to

You may have spent a decent amount of time making that presentation and think all the major boxes are ticked, but it’s the smallest of gestures and expressions that end up exposing your inefficiencies that can cost you the contract.

Work and worry go hand in hand, but is your concern always worthy? As it turns out, most of the times, it’s not. Stress is very much real, but in a lot of workplace situations, it can be diffused instead

Wedding season is around the corner, and even though work and personal lives are best kept far from each other, there are certain parallels that can be drawn between the two worlds. Analogies from the world of romance and dating

Losing focus is a common problem that can bring the best of us down at times. Prolonged projects, personal issues, constant distractions, or just a bad mood can toss our focus out of the window and affect our work so